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Welcome message

Please, be sure you submit to aproppriate folder (descriptions below)
If you feel unsure or you art submission was declined, feel free to ask. :iconnetsatc: is always ready to answer all your questions.


Aw, help please if you totally unsure, feel free to submit here
Limit -
Animations for any kind of animated art - from pixel avatars up to cartoons
Avatars muzzles, showing furry chars, often used as avatars
Bases, free lines, tutorials stuff for helping other artists
Bodybuilding Special folder for very musculine furries
Comics are for comic strips AND pics connected with comics (such as covers and pics for holidays with comic's chars)
Emergency offers offers, which are restricted by-time - one day lotteries, commissions and so on
Fetish Mature and non-mature. All kinds of fetishes, that answer DA Terms
General furry 1-6 Main folder. Here you can contribute every pic, that doesn't suit to any other folder
Literature all your stories, poetry and so on, connected with furries
Mature and Ecchi 1-2 pics, that usually go with mature filter or contain erotics
Not furry artwork If most of your art is about furries, but you have pics with animals, humans, etc. - feel free to submit there
Photos your photos, photos of your pets or wild animals and so on
Reference sheets is for reference sheets XD
Sketches, lines(clean) sketches, line-arts, WIPs and so on, that are going to be painted in future.
WARNING! unfinished mature art doesn't suit to this folder
Sketches, lines(mature) special folder to unfinished mature art
Stuff stuff, connected with furries, such as tails, toys, figures and so on
Wallpapers Any of your art that may look good as a wallpaper

Gallery Folders

Harecats Anatomy by 0ktavian
Reference Plopy civilization 2015 by BrownWolF-Ann

Mature Content

Dress up Violet! by muhboobz
Aaw, help please
Kali, The Winged Revenant by TimeLordJikan
Zoey by SonicLucario
Mark by Steve-the-defender

Mature Content

Mechanic girl 2 by FurNaz
life's a bunch of flowers by DidTheSqd
nebudex by DidTheSqd
dragon battle by DidTheSqd
Charlie Icon [PERSONAL ICON] by SherapyThock
more genderbent me :3 by Bonnibun
genderbending is fun by Bonnibun
~~ by FrederickMartin
{Commission} Fall Icons || AcePilot245 by Toast-435
Charlie Delta ID by SherapyThock
Ranth badge #2 by RafaelGH
Com - bjornssun by jeany545
Mrark~ by CatShnappira
Bases, P2U F2U lines, tutorials
(CLOSED) salty piece of land by DidTheSqd
(CLOSED) night breeze by DidTheSqd
$40 YCH - passing afternoon by DidTheSqd
Sleigh ride Commission Ych for RaindropsJFL by xZombieBrain
[CM] Two Headed Titan by TheRoflCoptR

Mature Content

underwear ad by oletobyboy
Toon Buff #23: Baloo by SHREKRULEZ
OOG Manga: Ch2 Page 38 by NitroGoblin
The Cats 9 Lives 5 - The Copycat Pg65 by TheCiemgeCorner
The Cats 9 Lives 5 - The Copycat Pg66 by TheCiemgeCorner
Furry Experience page 458 by Ellen-Natalie
Comics 2
OOG Manga: Ch2 Page 46 by NitroGoblin
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg15 by TheCiemgeCorner
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg16 by TheCiemgeCorner
A Ticklish Cruise Cover (Comic posted) by TheCiemgeCorner
Loupevsrenard2 By Malort75-daq3xkn by Wolf492
Minty by LemonLabrador
87Season Giggles by TheCiemgeCorner
[AT] Kinky Shibster by TheRoflCoptR
Fan art
Ask Ninfia Answer 003 by Coffee-Ratteu
General Furry 9
let's be friends by Rayphill

Mature Content

Mature and Ecchi 3

Mature Content

Queen of Edgyness by ViviansThingStuffs
Not furry artwork
Jake and the Tickled Pirates by Malort75
(Pokemon) Togedemaru in Alola Cosplay by KrazyKari
Reference Sheets
OC : Thyri by D-Dyee
Sketches, lines clean
Back To Work Rudolph by krocialblack
Sketches, lines mature

Mature Content

C:Sweet loving by PoneBooth
Stuff, devices, tails, so on
Aufnaeher Protest-Einhorn, Limitiert auf 33 Stueck by GrayTheZebra
Fresh Morning Breeze by FinestCat
General furry
Hey There :3 by janston
General Furry 2
Steaming Furs by StarlightsMarti
General Furry 3
Dragons play Skinwalkers and Basements by 7imothyC
General Furry 4
Orcan Warrior Woman by mattaui
General Furry 5
Dex-n-Sassy's deviantID by Dex-n-Sassy
General Furry 6
Purrs and Snuggles by JK-madferret
General Furry 7
Chibi Tsu Castle Crasher by JK-madferret
General Furry 8
Sliced Sushi YCH -OPEN- by acidraincloud
Mature and Ecchi
Bare Fluff by keeoui
Mature and Ecchi 2

Mature Content

NSFW Pokemon - Sexy Shiny Mega Lopunny by Championx91




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Sorry for the late reply!
Yes, we accept open YCH's, feel free to use "Urgent adverts" folder for them
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nw, thank you c:
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Stupid Sexy Lizard by BrownieComicWriter
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I haven't received the request...
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can I join? plz
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Please remove and an user FNAFDragonWOLFlover2 from your group.

They are an art thief and harass artists.
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