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Please, be sure you submit to aproppriate folder (descriptions below)
If you feel unsure or you art submission was declined, feel free to ask.
:iconairiskiahin: is always ready to answer all your questions.


Aw, help please if you totally unsure, feel free to submit here
Animations for any kind of animated art - from pixel avatars up to cartoons
Avatars muzzles, showing furry chars, often used as avatars
Badges Special folder for badges collection
Bases, P2U, F2U lines, tutorials stuff for helping other artists. DO NOT submit YCH'es and adoptables here (use Urgent adverts)
Bodybuilding Special folder for very musculine furries
Comics are for comic strips AND pics connected with comics (such as covers and pics for holidays with comic's chars)
Fan art Arts with well-known furry characters from different films, cartoons and comics
Fetish Mature and non-mature. All kinds of fetishes, that answer DA Terms
General furry 1-6 Main folder. Here you can contribute every pic, that doesn't suit to any other folder
Literature all your stories, poetry and so on, connected with furries. DO NOT submit advertising journals here (use Urgent adverts folder)
Mature and Ecchi 1-2 pics, that usually go with mature filter or contain erotics.
Please, remember that due to Deviant Art policies pornographic images are not allowed on this site, even with maturity tags, even with censoring. Hava a look at these to FAQs
Not furry artwork If most of your art is about furries, but you have pics with animals, humans, etc. - feel free to submit there
Photos your photos, photos of your pets or wild animals and so on
Reference sheets is for reference sheets XD
Sketches, lines(clean) sketches, line-arts, WIPs and so on, that are going to be painted in future.
WARNING! unfinished mature art doesn't suit to this folder
Sketches, lines(mature) special folder to unfinished mature art
Stuff, devices, tails, so on stuff, connected with furries, such as tails, toys, figures and so on. If you want to sell your stuff you should betters use "Urgent adverts" folder
Wallpapers Any of your art that may look good as a wallpaper
Urgent adverts offers and adverstising like lotteries, commissions, adoptables, YCH'es and so on. Please, remove your submission from this folder after they expire - this would really help to find the most actual offers.

Gallery Folders

Furry Fandom Species Survey by TrashBambi
Harecats Anatomy by 0ktavian
Reference Plopy civilization 2015 by BrownWolF-Ann
Aaw, help please
fever [art contest] by goat-png
Game Over x3 by AlexxCather

Mature Content

Pearl Queen by DelKon1
Silvia! (AT.) by AngelicaFox
Animated Clip - Makani Falls by KitsuneMist
Aky by Starletlight
Everyone's Gonna Die [com] by Grumpyfart
streetlights glisten on the boulevard by DidTheSqd
Fluff by Arfiefu
Arfie the witch by Arfiefu
Ramen by mellinae
Selena Hyena by mellinae
Pauze Badge by CorrieZodori
Badge for Lucer by R-Star97
Sayaluna Badge by R-Star97
I'm Trash - Double sided badge design by 041744
Bases, P2U F2U lines, tutorials
$5/500PT P2U, $30 YCH - CHEEKY by DidTheSqd
Reference Base - Naga Simple Pack for Adopts [P2U] by xaineko
[P2U] Female Naga Base for Adoptables by xaineko
[P2U] Male Naga with long tail Base for Adoptables by xaineko
hard work by XSonicXShadow
Blushy guy by XSonicXShadow
Imperium Lupi - Rufus Valerio (Practice) by Imperiumlupi
Imperium Lupi - Tomek 2 + Vest by Imperiumlupi
OOG Manga: Ch2 Page 38 by NitroGoblin
The Cats 9 Lives 5 - The Copycat Pg65 by GearGades
The Cats 9 Lives 5 - The Copycat Pg66 by GearGades
Furry Experience page 458 by Ellen-Natalie
Comics 2
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 321 by ARVEN92
The Hamilton Play by DJcroc2016
Child vs Gog by DJcroc2016
The Prince is Missing - Chapter 3 Page 6 by Tigerfestivals
MeowMaid by WSKIEY
Request - Taj revenge by SailorCephiro
A Duo Adrift by Phoenix295
For Puffy Science by dantiscus
Fan art
USUK by DriedGuts
General Furry 9
Airis [GIFT] by FurukawaUpshur
False Start Issue 4 Page 9 by Boneitis
Mature and Ecchi 3

Mature Content

Lucy by Lisamena99
Not furry artwork
Swan by moryonenn
SunKist by SueCreations
Reference Sheets
Angel Dog by SueCreations
Sketches, lines clean
Spreading Magic by nekophoenix
Sketches, lines mature

Mature Content

Skyfire's New Dress by empyrean-dreamer
Stuff, devices, tails, so on
Solid Tan Curvy Tail by Lascivus-Lutra
Combat! by KekanitheAvali
General furry
Keverus The Cerberus by TheRoflCoptR
General Furry 2
Xenwoe-Com by xFalkenx
General Furry 3
:CM: Time to Duel by XMireille-chanX
General Furry 4
Rochelle Character Poster by SketchyChangeling
General Furry 5
[B-DAY] Can i get an another part ? by maskyfnaflover
General Furry 6
[ AT ] Yandere @Meaties by YUMll
General Furry 7
Furry with cosmic hair by drawingSniggers
General Furry 8
Lucario by WilliamTheEarth
Mature and Ecchi
Bare Fluff by keeoui
Mature and Ecchi 2

Mature Content

NSFW Pokemon - Sexy Shiny Mega Lopunny by Championx91
General Furry 10
Streaming Naomi by Mastergodai



Latest Favourite Artists

I am open for commissions! If you are interested, please, have a look at my prices here :3

Coloured Full-Body Illustration with custom background - 30$
Coloured Half-body portrait with simple background - 20$
Coloured Full-body character with Flat or Transparent Background - 15$

You can find a list with examples here ->

To add an additional character for each type +10$

- animals
- anthros
- pony
- fanart

- Heavily detailed backgrounds
- Gore
- Violence
- Sex scenes
- Machinery(cars, robots, etc)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. To make an order, send me a Note ;)
More info here:…

Sorry if I have made it complicated I do not know how to do commissions hahaha
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Kasiarzyna-QV Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Hobbyist
I've accidentally withdrawn my submission, sorry for little spam with this same picture.
Achimenes Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017   General Artist
Ah! Thank you for letting me join! ;w;
Kobayev Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Many of my character are inspered by dictatorship (I don't support it XD) and I want ta ask you if I can post them here ? ^^
AirisKiahin Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
We accept everything that meets DA submission policies. I have looked through your gallery and haven't seen anything inappropriate. However it is possible you might want to use "Ideologically Sensitive" Mature tag for some of your submissions. But we will accept them with mature tag too.
Here's a DA FAQ about mature tags in case you are interested
Kobayev Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ho nice ! Haha thanks. 

Yeah ... the ideology used in my art havn't a really good picture of itself XD
Osoni-newyorker123 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
this groupe is active?
AirisKiahin Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yes, the group is still active. I just was avay for few days
Sliverwurst Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Hobbyist
Can someone please tell me if my art is being denied or is mobile acting up
AirisKiahin Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
The art could be declined for a number of reasons (only in our group, other groups have other rules):
1) Submission duplicated. It's a common issue and often happen because of some kind of DA server problems (two requests are sent instead of one). In this case the same image is submited twice. I always accept the first one and decline the second one, but then I leave a comment of the duplicated submission, which is usually: "Hello! 
DA notifies me this art is already in our gallery, so I have to deny the second post.
Please, don't worry of it, this sometimes happens because of DA server problems, so submission duplicates."
2) The destination folder was totally wrong. This often happens when people submit commission journals into Literature folder (not any text is literature and that's kind of obvious, but for some unknown reasons people keep using all the folders for advertising, except the special one). The same thing is about putting YCH'es into Free lines folder. Such submissions are usually declined without explanation.
However, if you see that your submission was declined, you may always leave a comment under the submission request. Such comments are never ignored in our groups, so you will recieve all the explanations.

By the way I have looked through our group logs for the last week and haven't found any of your submissions. So it seems the requests haven't even been sent. Most possible there've been some errors. These are either the mobile app errors (I personally don't use because I find it rather ungainly) or some other errors.
It may also be folder limit exceeded - this happens when there is no place for more images in a folder. If this happens you should note a group administrator as soon as possible, so we could fix it. 
Sometimes the problems happen because of DA server maintenance. For instance I had some strange problems with .png images - the server didn't want to load them. In this case the only thing left is to wait and to hope it all get fixed X)
Toast-Mom Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Any furries here play binding of Isaac rebirth?? Or have steam???
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