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Please, be sure you submit to aproppriate folder (descriptions below)
If you feel unsure or you art submission was declined, feel free to ask.
:iconairiskiahin: is always ready to answer all your questions.


Aw, help please if you totally unsure, feel free to submit here
Animations for any kind of animated art - from pixel avatars up to cartoons
Avatars muzzles, showing furry chars, often used as avatars
Badges Special folder for badges collection
Bases, P2U, F2U lines, tutorials stuff for helping other artists. DO NOT submit YCH'es and adoptables here (use Urgent adverts)
Bodybuilding Special folder for very musculine furries
Comics are for comic strips AND pics connected with comics (such as covers and pics for holidays with comic's chars)
Fan art Arts with well-known furry characters from different films, cartoons and comics
Fetish Mature and non-mature. All kinds of fetishes, that answer DA Terms
General furry 1-6 Main folder. Here you can contribute every pic, that doesn't suit to any other folder
Literature all your stories, poetry and so on, connected with furries. DO NOT submit advertising journals here (use Urgent adverts folder)
Mature and Ecchi 1-2 pics, that usually go with mature filter or contain erotics.
Please, remember that due to Deviant Art policies pornographic images are not allowed on this site, even with maturity tags, even with censoring. Hava a look at these to FAQs
Not furry artwork If most of your art is about furries, but you have pics with animals, humans, etc. - feel free to submit there
Photos your photos, photos of your pets or wild animals and so on
Reference sheets is for reference sheets XD
Sketches, lines(clean) sketches, line-arts, WIPs and so on, that are going to be painted in future.
WARNING! unfinished mature art doesn't suit to this folder
Sketches, lines(mature) special folder to unfinished mature art
Stuff, devices, tails, so on stuff, connected with furries, such as tails, toys, figures and so on. If you want to sell your stuff you should betters use "Urgent adverts" folder
Wallpapers Any of your art that may look good as a wallpaper
Urgent adverts offers and adverstising like lotteries, commissions, adoptables, YCH'es and so on. Please, remove your submission from this folder after they expire - this would really help to find the most actual offers.

Gallery Folders

Furry Fandom Species Survey by TrashBambi
Reference Plopy civilization 2015 by BrownWolF-Ann
Aaw, help please
Drugs and Candy (OTA OPEN) by LeaBae
Blue is the Warmest Color (OTA OPEN) by LeaBae
Hugo and fish by paBELKA-belka
Nope - Animation by kicuka
I just want your extra time and your by SqdPxl
GIF hypnotize - small by EatenRibs
[Flash/MMD] MIKUUUUUUUUUU! (Yunoa ver.) by MMDcross
Rakurim in a forest by Rakurim
[OPEN] Wiggly Icons! [group 2] by Rairechu
Koval Shark by DennisDrake796
Auction Adopt (OPEN) SPACE STAR LISTAR by BlackOnion666
LunarSpoon Badge by LunarSpoon
Tox the Skunk Badge by LunarSpoon
kangaroo by CauseTears
[Gift] In the stars by ArcacaT
Bases, P2U F2U lines, tutorials
Dutchie Base (Free lineart) #2 by SpyroCheongHachiku
Free Wolf Base by Kruemelforever
$5/500PT P2U BASE - ruff bois by SqdPxl
Vernid Linearts male and female by N-o-x-y
You'll bite the dust! by ReclusiarchReclu
Kato's birthday!(gift) by A0Nmaster
Looking good by ReclusiarchReclu
Vilan by RaudEgil
OOG Manga: Ch2 Page 38 by NitroGoblin
The Cats 9 Lives 5 - The Copycat Pg65 by GearGades
The Cats 9 Lives 5 - The Copycat Pg66 by GearGades
Furry Experience page 458 by Ellen-Natalie
Comics 2
RE island revival CH 1 Page 2 by JacobFox1998
Africa -Page 129 by ARVEN92
One moment in time by OMIT-Story
Milk Bunny by KotoNyan
city ych 3 by IceCapers
Sharpfury's Dangerous Deal part 1 by Phoenix295
AT-Mount Angela Bunneh by dantiscus
Fan art
Gabriel1017 Request by MrBlack1986
General Furry 9
Airis [GIFT] by FurukawaUpshur
Mature and Ecchi 3

Mature Content

Relaxing at the docks _ NSFW by IndigoMystiere
Not furry artwork
ReDraw Concept of love by jazleneD
2017/2018 Furry by LunarSpoon
Reference Sheets
Jasmine Pryor by vallygirlly
Sketches, lines clean
Dragon dog hybrid by IamInHere
Sketches, lines mature
Rosemary in the Breeze by ThePsychoDog
Stuff, devices, tails, so on
Lion Headbase by SamTheMoose101
Anthro Swimsuit Calendar - August by Kuro-Arashi-Ame
General furry
Pangonlin reading a documentary on Michael Bay by Nsyse
General Furry 2
Xenwoe-Com by xFalkenx
General Furry 3
:CM: Time to Duel by XMireille-chanX
General Furry 4
Rochelle Character Poster by SketchyChangeling
General Furry 5
[B-DAY] Can i get an another part ? by maskyfnaflover
General Furry 6
[ AT ] Yandere @Meaties by mewtician
General Furry 7
Furry with cosmic hair by drawingSniggers
General Furry 8
Lucario by WilliamTheEarth
Mature and Ecchi
Bare Fluff by keeoui
Mature and Ecchi 2
NSFW Pokemon - Sexy Shiny Mega Lopunny by Championx91
General Furry 10
Pixect-20180209193029 by pewpunpun



Latest Favourite Artists

My friend urgently needs money for her and her little bird.
So she's doing sketch commissions!

Examples here:

I do not know exactly the price in dollars, but you can talk to her without fear!
Link to the post on Facebook:…

The post is in Portuguese, but you can speak to her in English without any problems!

C u t e  and  A d o r a b l e

              Heyoo!~ I see such anime-styled furries not so often, but I adore them a lot!! ♥
         Recently I've made a bunch of cute girls and now I'm looking for
         people who may be interested in buying them! > w <

          { O P E N } { A U C T I O N } by Alisenokmice

         If you love such adoptables - let me know too!
         I'll glad to see that there are fans of such style c:

         Have the great days, thanks!
         Any help is super appreciated!
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Can I sell adopts here?
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Yes, you can)
If you have a whole bunch of adopts and well-written description, you may use group journal. 
In other cases feel free to use "Urgent adverts" folder for any kind of advertising, including adopts, YCH's, commissions, contests and so on
ChristopherBL Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! <3 
SleepyKm Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adopt her! Aesthetic Adopt l OPEN by SleepyKm  
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Alisenokmice Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adorable girls are looking for good owners! ♥
(^・ω・^ )◞ * m e o w

{ O P E N } { A U C T I O N } by Alisenokmice
Nayikee Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for accepting me into
the group!:) (Smile)  
AirisKiahin Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I am currently in hospital, so can't check all your submissions. Please, use "Aaw, help please" folder.
Hope to get home next week
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Are you feeling better? My submissions are not getting accepted.
AirisKiahin Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I'm fine, thank you!
I just don't check group notification every day, so there no need to worry (unless they got expired)
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